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High Tech Toys for Tots

The age of children who play with high tech gadgets gets lower and lower all the time. Now toys are being made with this same technology for children to interact with. There are a lot of new tech toys on the market now, how many have you heard of? Here is a list of some of the best high tech toys for your tots.

Dolls for little girls have become more and more realistic over the years and Baby Alive is no exception. This baby is actually able to interact with your child. She also does everything that a real baby does, so if this is something your little one cannot handle and you do not want to clean it up it may be too high tech for your home.Furby

There are a lot of little children who like to play with stuffed animals. Many of them pretend that the stuffed animal interacts with them a little. Now there is Cuddles: My Giggly Monkey. This monkey will laugh, giggle, and close his eyes to interact with the child.

This fall you will see the Furby Boom on shelves at toy stores. This isn’t the old Furby that was limited in what you could do with it. With the Furby Boom you will be able to interact with the toy using your smartphone. It has many things that it can do like take showers, eat, and even have babies.

For those who have a child who would like to be a DJ there is the Jakks EZ Pro DJ Mixer. This allows your child to have tons of fun improving their DJ skills by scratching up some music. You can even buy a separate mic to go with it and sync the music together.

We have had various versions of digital pets for decades now. This fall a new digital pet will hit the market called Ubooly. This pet can play games, tell you stories, and even make faces through a smartphone. You do not even need a phone with a data plan. If you have an old smartphone lying around, you can use that.

There are many new high tech toys that are on the market now and many more that will be hitting the shelves soon. Over the next several years if you pay attention to what is going on in the toy isle at your local stores you will see there is going to be more toys with technology. Those toys that do not have any technology will most likely lose sales and may not be stocked as much, except for those old classics of course.



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