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Criminal Identity Theft Has Become a Growing Problem in the 21st Century

Identity thieves have been around for decades always trying to find new ways to take advantage of other people. This is not a new problem. However now they are not just taking people’s identities for money, they are committing crimes with someone else’s identity. Identity theft should scare everyone. If you identity gets stolen, it can take a rather long time to put your life back together. Many do not know this, but you have more to fear than someone stealing your identity for money. You should fear them stealing your identity to use it to commit a crime. This is even worse than having your identity stolen for money, as I am sure you can imagine. You must protect yourself so you can avoid this. More and more of what we do is online now. We put more of our information online now that at any other time in the history of the internet. We assume sites are secures, and we are told that they are, but some people spend their day trying to get that information, and if they succeed, you could be in trouble. It is not just websites that you need to worry about. It is the personal information that you keep on your computer as well. Criminal identity thieves use various tactics such, such as viruses, which can cause your computer and your identity to have some problems. What all this means is you need to make sure that you always have your computer protection software up-to-date. When a criminal identity thief gets ahold of your identity and commits a crime in your name you are on the hook for that crime. This means you have to pay for a lawyer to go to court and prove your identity was stolen and that you did not commit that crime. Depending on the number of crimes, you could end up have to go to court a lot which will cost you a lot in lawyer fees. Until it is all settled your reputation is going to be diminished. People will look at you differently because they… Read More

How To Save Money On A Cash Advance

When you consider the amount of Bad Check fees that you may incur, it may be worth considering advance loans until your next pay day. Insufficient charges on Bank fees can cost on average between $15 and $25. Typically, for every $100 borrowed there is a 15% to 20% interest charge from a cash advance lender. With a cash advance however, you have more options to rollover the advance into your next pay period without being penalized for your emergency economic situation. What Is Payday Loan Consolidation? The Federal Trade Commission has made it mandatory that whenever you borrow money from a financial institution you will know about the Truth In Lending statement. This statement is a cumulative report which will make all charges and terms available to you up front. You can use this statement to make comparable and wise choices on who you borrow from at the best rate. What happens sometimes, because an advance loan is used in an emergency, is that the borrower can not pay back the money right away. What was an advance has now turned into bad credit loans. Once again, there is a cash advance solution with loan consolidation programs. All of your loans will be put together as one and you can have one payment every month. You can reduce harassment because when the loan is consolidated you are only in debt to one creditor. Pay the one loan and you are paying all of them. With your advance loans company knowing that you have a plan to pay back your debts they will work with you to pay off your accumulated debt in as little as six months and as long as 18 months depending on your circumstances. Ways To Save Money On A Cash Advance In an emergency, you may not have many options for borrowing money, but you still have choices. A cash advance in a pinch is a quick way to get money. If this is your first time borrowing money you can ask for a discount. Some companies will offer 50% of your first finance charge.… Read More

Payday Cash Advance Loans-What Consumers Must Know

A payday loan or payday cash advance is a short term, unsecured loan. In many situations, this type of loan though isn’t associated with a person’s paycheck and the lender doesn’t link the loan to the borrower’s payday. Lenders use the person’s past payroll and employment records to determine if the funds will be advanced which is where the loan got its name. Most countries now regulate payday loans and, in the United States, most states have laws, rules and regulations concerning loans of this type. These laws and regulations and laws are designed to prevent excessive and unreasonable interest rates. Lenders do charge more for advance loans as the lender takes on more risk when providing funds in this manner. The estimated default rate on payday cash advance loans runs at 6 percent, according to an article entitled “On Poverty, Interest Rates and Payday Loans” published in Another study, entitled “The Profitability of Payday Loans”, estimates payday lenders lose approximately one-quarter of their annual revenue to defaults. Some lenders do differentiate between cash advance and payday loans. For those lenders which do, a cash advance is a loan which must by paid within a specified time frame, typically one month. A payday loan at these lenders must be repaid with the next paycheck. Most lenders now use these terms interchangeably though and the Federal Trade Commission considers them to be one and the same. How Does the Loan Process Work for a Cash Advance or Payday Loan? When an applicant requests funds from a payday lender, the applicant must typically provide some form of employment verification, such as a paycheck stub or a letter from the lender verifying employment. Some lenders accept bank statements as a form of employment verification. Each company determines what must be used to prove employment so consumers need to ask before applying to ensure the necessary documents can be produced. The borrower may either visit a storefront location or turn to payday advance loans online. During the application process, the lender provides information about the terms and conditions of the loan and the… Read More