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Surprise! Your Netflix Bill Just Got More Expensive

Netflix has publicly started a revolution that is allowing millions of people to transition from cable/satellite providers to streaming media. Of course, they are not the only company that offers streaming services. Hulu, Amazon Prime and other apps/services are also available. And it turns out that they all have more in common, beside just letting you get rid of cable and to stream lots of great content to your device of choice. It turns out that the streaming services are all becoming a bit more expensive. With Netflix being the most popular of all these services, it is no wonder that people are a bit surprised to find out that their Netflix subscription costs just went up a bit. About two years ago Netflix began charging new subscribers $9.99 a month for their basic content streaming service. This service is essentially a plan that gives people the ability to stream HD content to two devices at the same time. People who were already subscribed to Netflix prior to two years ago, were paying $7.99 per month. Those same Netflix subscribers were grandfathered in under the new rates. If you are somebody who has had Netflix for more than two years, you probably enjoyed knowing that you were paying a little bit less than some of those who were a little late coming to the party. Well, that all comes to an end, as of the beginning of May 2016. Subscribers who were paying the old $7.99 fee had to start paying $2 more each month. This is an increase that caught a lot of old-school Netflix users by surprise. This change does not take place immediately for everyone. Netflix delivered a first quarter earnings call and said that the “un-grandfather” process would start with newer customers in the beginning. Over the course of this year, everyone will start paying the higher fee, with the oldest subscribers being the last to do so. A survey was conducted and it concluded that the $24/year price increase would probably result in about 4 percent of current subscribers dropping Netflix service. Streaming Costs Continue… Read More

How to Avoid Wasting your Money so you can Save More Every Month

If a home or building is not staying warm in the winter or cool in the summer, there are tests that can be done to figure out the source of the problem. There are many things that could be to blame. It could be old windows that need replacing, doors that are letting a draft in or a lack of insulation in the attic. And there are dozens of other sources that can prevent a home from maintaining a comfortable temperature. It just take a bit of work to search around and find out where the sources of energy loss are occurring. The same thing applies to your bank account. There are lots of little expenses that can eat away at your bank account balance. If you don’t do a check from time to time, and apply a fix for the problem areas, those little money drains will continue to add up to a major financial loss for your household. The idea is to save as much money as you can. To do so, you’ll have to get your financial records out and go over all of your expenses. You’ll ultimately find some expenses you can reduce or eliminate. This takes time, but is worth doing when you have a few hours to spare. In the meantime, though, we have some very common expenses that you may want to think about reducing or getting rid of in order to save more money each month. Cable/Satellite TV When is the last time you looked at your cable bill? Have you noticed how expensive this type of service has become? The cable and satellite providers love to tack on all sorts of charges, and their prices are always going up. It is not uncommon at all for a household to pay out up to $100 a month on basic cable and equipment costs each month. It’s time to cut the cord. Ditch traditional cable and start using streaming TV services, like Netflix, Crackle or Sling TV. For about 10 percent of the cost of the average cable bill, you can enjoy tons… Read More