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Thrifty Tips to Help you Save Money when Buying Clothes for the Family

It seems that the financial problems the country has faced over the past decade have actually got people thinking about saving money again. Sure, there are some people who are spending like crazy now that the economy is somewhat recovering. However, there are still people out there who have their own reasons to look for ways to save a little bit of money on the things that they purchase. Clothing can be incredibly expensive, so it is no wonder that people are looking for tips and tricks to help them save money when buying threads for the family.

Here are some of our top, proven effective tips to save money on clothing purchases:

Check out Yard Sales and Garage Sales

There are some fantastic clothing purchase that can be made at neighborhood garage sales and yard sales. Some people outgrow clothing or simply decide to sell it for pennies on the dollar when they have their yearly yard sales. If you think that only worn, dirty or out of style selections are available, you may want to rethink your stance on garage sale clothing options.

People will regularly put items up for sale that have never even been worn. Yard sale experts will tell you that time and time again they find fantastic, name brand apparel items with the tags still on them at standard yard sales. People often get clothes that don’t fit as gifts or simply don’t like the style of clothing that they have received, and they put it up for dirt cheap at yard sales. The author has personally seen Levi jeans that would normally sell for $50 at various yard sales being sold for a dollar to five dollars a pair. You can’t beat those kinds of deals.

Check out the Clearance Section

The big stores all have clearance sections that allow frugal clothes shoppers to find some real bargains. And those same stores will routinely put these items through two rounds of discounting before they just get rid of them. The key is to get to know the timing of these cycles at your local stores. Ask the clerk which days they discount clothing, and then be around to swoop in on the sales. You can also wait until the seasons change to stock up on cheap clothing. For example, shorts and summer dresses will usually go on sale during late summer. That is the time to stock up for next year.

Thrift and Rummage Stores

There are usually lots of great bargains hiding away at thrift stores in your town. Goodwill and other places that put clothing on consignment will often have racks filled with fashionable clothing that is in good shape and available in a wide array of sizes. Don’t write these places off, as you can even find brand new pieces if you are willing to browse through the racks for a while.

Stay in Touch with your Favorite Stores

Get on the email list for the stores that carry the clothes that you most often purchase for your family. Many of these retailers will send out periodic emails about sales, and some will even send out digital coupons that you can used to save money. A nice 20 percent off coupon used on clearance rack clothes can lead to you paying just a few bucks for the same clothes that other people pay hundreds for.

Track every dollar that you save when you use these tips, and put that much money back into your emergency savings fund. That is the only way to really SAVE money, and you’ll get some great clothing on the cheap at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.



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